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The Online TEFL Certificate Course That Gives You The Freedom To Live Wherever You Choose AND Earn Money In A Meaningful Profession!

Would it be fair to say that you want to take the online TEFL certificate course that lets you choose between the best TEFL jobs, AND teaches you how to add real value to the lives of your students?

When searching for an online TEFL certificate, you really want to make the right decision. You want to make sure your investment of time and money is worth it.

Get The Best Possible Start To Your English Teaching Career

A TESOL course is an investment of your time and money so you probably want to make sure that your investment is a good one. 

This is why choosing the right course for you is so important.  The old saying of “Buy cheap, buy twice” most definitely applies here.

Traditionally, the only way you could gain this real life experience was by attending a 4 week course, typically accredited by either Cambridge/RSA or Trinity College. 

These courses are a great introduction to the TEFL world, but not always convenient or accessible.

You may not be able to take 4 weeks off from work or family commitments, or you may simply prefer to work at your own pace, in your own time

So, what are your options?

You could take a short online or weekend TEFL course.  However, there are two reasons we would advise against this. 

Firstly, although the short time it takes to complete this type of course (usually around 20 hours) may seem appealing, the fact is that you cannot possibly cover what you need to know with a short online or weekend TEFL course

Secondly, reputable employers around the world require teachers to have passed a TESOL course that is at least 100 hours in length

Even employers in countries where you previously did not require certification are asking for 100 hour + certificates in exchange for better working conditions.  South Korea is a good example of this. 

If you do choose to take a short TEFL course you will have less choice in TEFL job opportunities and have less power when negotiating good working conditions.

To be frank, any school that hires you following a short TEFL course would probably have hired you with no certificate at all. 

You may have picked up some good tips during the weekend or online TEFL course, but the qualification you receive has no real value.

Why Study With INTESOL?

  • INTESOL WORLDWIDE is an accreditedby ALAP, an specialist ELT awarding body based in the UK, backed by an expert Academic Panel.
  • INTESOL is a global company with branches in countries that include the UK, Spain, Turkey, Singapore and South Africa.  You have access to a wide network of associated language schools and recruitment contacts when finding a TEFL job.
  • Over 21 years of solid history and continued growth of INTESOL as a training provider means that your certificate will always hold its value.
  • INTESOL gives you the opportunity to gain advanced qualifications in English for specific purposes, English for young learners and a Diploma level qualification for students wishing to access high level jobs within the TEFL industry (i.e. Director of Studies in a language school).
  • Employers proactively seek to employ INTESOL graduates every month.
  • You can study from anywhere in the world.

You Could Have The TEFL Certificate That Schools Actively Seek

Every month Language School Directors from all over the world purchase our online TEFL certificate courses for their staff. A fact that makes us proud.

We're proud because it means that when you're an INTESOL graduate, you have a prestigious qualification that schools don't just recognise, they actually seek it out.

As a course provider, we're only as good as the teachers we've trained. We're very lucky to have some fantastic teachers out there, to whom we owe our reputation.

"You Get Access To A Network Of TEFL Employers Worldwide That Hire INTESOL TEFL Course Graduates Every Month"

As an INTESOL student you could have access to numerous connections we've built with reputable TEFL schools worldwide. Schools that hire INTESOL graduates every month. If you join our facebook page you'll receive infomation about job offers as soon as they hit our Inbox.

We want you to have the best learning materials and support. That's why we've gained quality accreditation through ALAP.


ALAP Accreditation

ALAP Accreditation INTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation. ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.

The Awarding Body which accredits your TESOL qualification is of paramount importance, consider it carefully.

Studying An ALAP Accredited Qualification With INTESOL. What This Means To You, The Student!

  • It means your training is of the highest quality.
  • It means your course is moderated and the procedures are checked by an external body.
  • It means you will receive 2 certificates, one from INTESOL and one from ALAP with no extra expense to you.
  • It means you will receive a Course Transcript from ALAP showing what you have studied.
  • It means that employers worldwide will know that your course is of a high academic standard.
  • It means your course provider is inspected annually.
  • It means your course provider and your accrediting body are investing in quality and will give excellent service.
  • It means we don’t just pay an annual fee to an association so we can put their logo on our website – we take accreditation seriously – so should you!

What our Students Have to Say

"I certainly made the right choice when I chose INTESOL, so much in fact that I have recommended them to my friends; one friend was so impressed when I told her she signed up for the same course within 2 days." Rob Reeves

"I did it! I am finally done with this course and I learned a lot from it. I especially like the constructive feedback and comments made by Heather on my tasks." Pearl Schulz

"The course was better than I expected. Course content very thorough. Trainer awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. Always on hand and glad to help. Accommodation perfect, could not have asked for better!" Terry Engel

"I received the certificate two weeks ago. Thanks a million. Truly appreciate what you have done for me. The certificate will truly come in helpful. At present, I am teaching in one of the government colleges in NZ and I am thinking of changing to another school. Yours is the only TESOL certificate that I have and I'm sure it will help me in my application." Esther Chionh

"Lynda ... I did my TESOL qualification with you almost five years ago now ... it has paid for itself many times over!!!" Esther Knight


Are You Eligible For The 150 Hour Online TEFL Certificate Course?

If you want to have your pick of the most sought after TEFL jobs you'd do well to gain your TESOL qualification with a reputable training provider, known for producing skilled teachers.

It helps when you apply for jobs.

To ensure that enrolled students are able to complete the TESOL course successfully, all potential students are asked to apply for entry.

In order to apply you must:

  • Have a good academic background with at least 2 'A' Levels (equivalent to a High School Diploma (US) or Higher National Diploma (UK) )
  • In lieu of the above qualifications, you should have at least 5 years of work experience in any industry OR previous TEFL teaching experience.
  • No previous teaching experience is required.

How Does The Course Work

The online TEFL course consists of 10 modules, with each module being illustrated by practical methods and strategies for use in the ESOL/EFL classroom. At the end of each module you will have a set of tasks to complete and email to your personal tutor.

This simple way for you to submit your assignments means you can study from anywhere in the World!.

With each returned module you will receive an assessment sheet, which allows your trainer to comment on your progress, giving friendly advice and guidance for future modules.

INTESOL uses a carefully structured approach to learning and will help you every step of the way. If you feel you are in difficulties with any aspect of the course you are able to contact us by email, phone or letter.

How Long Does It Take To Finish The Online TEFL Course?

The number of weeks it will take you to complete really depends on your commitments.

As a general guideline most students complete the course within 3 months.

There are NO TIME LIMITS, so you can take as long as you need. When you enrol you will be given your username and password to accesss your course.

It's possible that you'll finish the course in as little as 4 weeks if you have the time to dedicate and really set your mind to it.

If you're in a hurry, for example due to an overseas deadline, inform your tutor who will be happy to work with you to achieve your goal.

There are no set start dates or completion dates and the course never expires.

Will You Help Me Get A Job?

INTESOL has connections with hundreds of language schools worldwide. From small independent schools to large chains.

If you contact us when you have graduated from your Cert. TESOL course, it's very likely that we will be able to help you find a job.

However, it's common knowledge in the industry that the best TEFL jobs go to those with the independence to find their own employment. Schools would much rather hire a teacher that has shown this kind of initiative.

Don't worry if the thought of finding your own TEFL job makes you feel a little nervous right now. You're not alone!

Rest assured that by the time you've finished your INTESOL course you'll have all the confidence and knowledge you need.

Of course, you do have the option to take a TEFL course that offers some kind of placement service. But be prepared for these jobs to have less favourable working conditions. Typically less pay and/or more hours.

INTESOL's contacts include language schools in:

Spain, Prague, Mexico, South Africa, Honduras, Peru, Serbia, Turkey, Italy, UK, China, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Uganda, Thailand, Nepal plus many more...

TEFL and TESOL - What's It All About?

At this point you may be wondering: "What's the difference between TEFL and TESOL?"

The short answer: There is no difference! For all intents and purposes they are used to mean the same thing.

The long answer:

"TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an original industry term that was created in Europe to refer to the process of going abroad to teach English. These days some course providers use it to describe their courses, but more typically it is used to describe the industry as a whole."
"TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a term that is more widely recognised worldwide and can relate to teaching abroad OR in your own native speaking country. All of the major accreditation bodies use the term TESOL to describe their awards, hence why our final award is 'TESOL' not 'TEFL."

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Study Skills
(not assessed) - how best to organise your study time.

Pre Module Grammar
Self-assessed tasks with answers provided to help with Unit 2 The Study of English.

Unit 2: The Study of English
Module 1 - grammar-tasks on the understanding of grammar, tense & structure - to be completed with the use of a grammar book.
Module 2 - phonetics - tasks relating to the phonetic alphabet(given), stress & intonation.
Module 3 - lexis - tasks relating to the presentation of vocabulary, compound words, word stems, language appropriacy & frequency.

Unit 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL
Module 1 - basic principles - answers from your own experience, the course materials & handbook on
  1) the blocks which may prevent learning
  2) motivation
  3) communicative competence.
Module 2 - reading and listening - tasks based on exploitation of authentic materials i.e. magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts etc.
Module 3 - speaking and writing - tasks based as above but with a more productive bias - getting your students to produce language
Module 4 - visual aids - study of all the audio-visual aids available. Production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannelgraph.
Module 5 - error - looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.

Unit 4: Lesson Planning
Module 1 - classroom management - task relating to student teacher relationships and how to achieve genuine communication inside and outside the classroom.
Module 2 - lesson stages and plans - putting all the above into a lesson; timing; warm-up; input; practice and production stages of your lessons.


Want to be prepared to teach business English and young learners?

Looking for a CELTA/Trinity Alternative course with observed teaching practice?


Award of Certificate

Upon successful completion of this online TEFL course you will receive:

  • 150 Hour Certificate in TESOL accredited by ALAP
  • ALAP Course Transcript
  • INTESOL 150 hour Certificate in TESOL (bonus certificate)

The INTESOL Certificate in TESOL is graded as follows:

  • A1 - Distinction
  • A2 - Excellent
  • B1 - Very Good
  • B2 - Good
  • C - Pass


You'll also be entitled to use the letters 'Cert. TESOL' after your name.


Online TESOL Course Fees

Certificate in TESOL £295

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Interest Free Instalments

  Deposit 1 x monthly Total
Certificate in TESOL £195 £100 £295

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Accommodation for teaching practice starts at £85 per week. for more information about accommodation see here.


"In Less That One Month You'll Earn Back The Cost Of Your TEFL Course"

What Is Included In The INTESOL Cert TESOL Course Fee?

  • 150 Hour Certificate in TESOL accredited by ALAP
  • Course Transcript issued by ALAP
  • INTESOL 150 Hour Certificate in TESOL (graded bonus certificate)
  • All ALAP Registration fees
  • Access to INTESOL Online Student Discussion Forum
  • Proven techniques that will make you a confident, well-resourced TEFL teacher
  • Thorough preparation for ANY teaching environment
  • Teaching resource pack for your first few lessons (lots of lessons and activities)
  • Easy to follow course material entirely online. No heavy books to carry.
  • A guide to help you brush up on your English grammar
  • A personal reference for every job you apply for
  • Security of gaining a qualification from an established, well known TEFL course provider
  • First to know when we get new jobs from TEFL employers
  • No extra fees to pay for assessment


FREE BONUS #1: Games & Lessons Starter Pack

INTESOL is giving away a games and lessons starter pack with every online 150 Hour Cert TESOL.

This pack is packed with over 30 hours of games and comprehensive lesson plans** to get you started on the right foot.

* You won't find the teaching material in this pack anywhere else on the 'Net. It's totally unique. The plans and games have been written exclusively for INTESOL by expert TEFL teachers.

FREE BONUS #2: Back to Basics Grammar

A grammar guide packed with useful information.


It's Time To Get Started

Having read this far you've obviously got the motivation to make this happen, and getting started couldn't be simpler:

  • Click 'Enrol Now' to enrol and pay for the Cert TESOL course.
  • You will be sent by email your username and password to access the online course.
  • When you login to your course you'll find everything will be easily laid out for you. You'll have everything you need to get started, including contact details for your tutor and our student support number at Head Office.
  • You'll work through your first module and submit your assignment to your personal tutor. They'll get back to you with constructive feedback and guidance that will help you develop your skills.
  • Once you've successfully completed all 10 modules you'll be a fully qualified, confident English Teacher. You'll receive your graded Certificate in TESOL from INTESOL accredited by ALAP.
  • Next, you just have to choose where you want to go!

We look forward to welcoming you to our long list of graduates and helping you succeed!


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